SARGE is one of

South Africa’s Pioneers

in Wind & Solar (PV)

Energy Developers

South African Renewable

Green Energy (SARGE)

SARGE is a privately owned South African company that develops, constructs, and operates wind and PV projects in South Africa. With its head office based in Cape Town, SARGE is one of South Africa's pioneers in wind and solar (PV) energy, having sold 500MW wind developments to RES (UK) and EGP and developed more than 500 MW wind and solar projects.


SARGE, began its activity in 2008 with the development of the Karoo Renewable Energy Project, a project that comprised

300 MW of wind and 50 PV, therefore being one the pioneers of the renewable energy market in South Africa. In 2011 SARGE signed a joint venture with Gestamp Wind (GW) to develop a portfolio of wind projects in 50/50 basis, with the commitment of giving the majority to GW once the projects reached the final stage.


With a majority stake in the projects, SARGE provides local support to ensure the compliance with the South African regulations and the idiosyncrasy of the country and market.

Integrated Approach

  • Permits, licenses, authorizations for construction and commissioning of wind farms

  • Location definition

  • Local permitting management
  • Long-term financial stability

  • Optimize capital structure

  • Continued evaluation of refinancing alternatives
  • Asset Management

  • Production maximisation

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Corrective maintenance

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Development of educational trust in local communities

  • Analysis of opportunities for small business development in local communities

  • Management of small businesses within local communities

Keys For Success in Development

Construction & Operation in SA

Solid position in the best regions for wind development in South Africa, where SARGE already has an established relationship with stakeholders (land owners, municipalities, DoE, IPP Office etc.)

High expertise in all stages of development, construction and operation

Dynamic structure for development in addition to local developers and with BEE partners

Excellent partner relationships

Efficient management of outsourced services  related to the development, design, construction and operation  of projects


& Portfolio

ADDRESS: Head Office 33 Sillery Avenue, Constantia. 7806 Cape Town (Western Cape)

TELEPHONE ENQUIRIES: +27 (0)21 795 5249

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